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Please stay tuned for further information AFTER House League programs are up and running.


Season plans must be reviewed and approved by the VPs HL & Comp and will be limited to a maximum season of combined HL and Competitive games of ~40 games.
can include a combination of the following:
  • Maximum 3-4 Tournaments within a 3 hr radius of Ottawa. (ie. Wolverines trny + 2-3 local trnys.) NO PROVINCIALS.
  • Additional 7-10 games with EOBA teams. Teams will need to register with EOBA in order to gain access to their playing schedule but may be limited to exhibition games with these teams if they do not allow the Selects to play a reduced EOBA schedule.
  • 1 comp 1.5 hr practice a week until HL ends then 2/week
  • Players  must maintain HL commitment to attend 70% of HL games on SAT (12 or more of 17 game season) + HL practices during the HL season
  • HL commitment will be tracked by the VP HL. Failure to meet the HL requirements will result in up to 5 game and/or trny suspensions for offending players.
  • Coaches will be expected to uphold their responsibilities as per the GCBA Coaches Code of Behaviour.
  • Competitive will oversee the EOBA involvement of Selects teams.
  • Additional team costs for the season run $120-$150 per player depending on how many tournaments the team registers for.


The GCBA strives to provide a quality basketball program for recreation, athletic development and to match the level of competition to individual skills.  Consistent with this objective, the GCBA offers a SELECTS program to facilitate a higher level of  competition for players with advanced skill sets and desire for increased competitive opportunities beyond our house league play.

Selects teams are formed by tryout from eligible players registered for house league play in the GCBA. Selects play is in addition to house league. Select players will maintain a primary commitment to their house league teams while gaining additional experience and competitive play through their Selects team's activities. Select coaches will recognize their players’ house league commitment and ensure their program plans are balanced accordingly.

PROGRAM OPERATION:              

The SELECTS program is an affiliated program of the GCBA and is administered separately by interested volunteers.  The program is administered by the Director of Selects who reports directly to the Executive Board of the GCBA.  The Selects program will only run if a Director is available each year.  The Director will act as a liaison between the House League Program and the Wolverines program  to ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to for both programs.


The GCBA SELECTS program consist of selecting the best of the best of our house league athletes, forming teams at each age level, and playing other competitive teams within the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario in a limited number of exhibition games and tournaments.

12 players will be selected for each team. Players who wish to try out will pay a $20 non-refundable tryout fee and are asked to bring their GCBA  jersey and their own ball to the tryout. Players must have participated in the majority of their house league games (at least 70%) to be eligible to try out. The tryouts will consist of a number of basketball skill and athletic ability drills as well as short scrimmages. The evaluations will be conducted by current GCBA coaches from both the HL and Competitive programs.

The Selects teams will practice one time per week until the end of their house league schedule (March 04, 2017) – after that there will be two practices per week.

The Selects season is completed by the end of April, however Sr boys teams may continue to play through May with the approval of the Director if teams are available to play.

Players are expected to attend all Selects events (i.e. practices and games). There will be no practices during the March break.

All Girls Selects teams will participate in the GCBA Mike O’Connor Memorial Tournament the weekend of  February 10-12 and will travel to an additional one or more local tournaments if these can be arranged.

All Boys Selects teams will participate in the Gloucester Wolverines Boys Invitational Tournament the weekend of February  24-26 and will travel to an additional one or more local tournaments if these can be arranged.

It is essential that parents of the players volunteer for team administration duties.  Teams will be self-funded. Typical expense items include; tournament fees, referee fees for exhibition games, team clothing and a wind-up party – these items are at the discretion of the team. Lodging and meal costs for out of town tournaments are the responsibility of the player/family. Fundraising activities can include seeking out corporate funding and running canteens and other activities.
Additional team costs for the season run $120-$150 per player depending on how many tournaments/exhibition games the team registers for.

For further information please contact us a g_cbasketball@yahoo.ca


IF SO...

Please contact our DIR of SELECTS : EMAN KAMEL

OR    g_cbasketball@yahoo.ca

Please indicate the following:

  • contact details level you would like to coach summary of any experience Coaching and certifications.
  • Whether or not we run these teams depends on the interest at each level & the availability of coaches.

SELECTS DIRECTOR Responsibilities include:

Recruiting suitable coach candidates for each HL division with the assistance of the VP HL, the HL Directors, and  HL Convenors


Coach applications can be downloaded from this site and emailed to g_cbasketball@yahoo.ca 

Deadline: SEP 30, 2016

Selecting the program coaches following an accepted selection process which includes: review  of completed coach application forms by an approved Coach Selection panel and interviews if necessary.

Organization and administration of player Tryout and Evaluation sessions for each HL division which has an identified and approved Selects coach in place.

Co-ordination of the gym allocation for Team practices and games with the assistance of the GCBA Facilities Director.

Providing oversight for the registration of all Selects players with Basketball Ontario for insurance purposes.

Providing oversight, support and guidance to individual Selects Teams in the development of their Team Season Plan including; tournament registrations, competitive team contacts, team budgets,  team clothing, referees, and GCBA  policy

If you are interested in assisting us in this capacity please contact us at g_cbasketball@yahoo.ca

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